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2 Steps to insure an enjoyable trip to your wedding day

It takes a lot of precious energy planning one’s wedding. Of course it does, it’s once in a life time...And it should be enjoyed.  We understand that there is a certain magical balance that allows the wedding planning process to fully be breathed in. What 2 steps need to be taken to insure an easy flow into the wedding day?

First, finding the right people to work with. The kind of vendors that share your vision and values. It always makes the process calmer and more complete when there is open and honest communication, something that is easily achieved when there is like-mindedness in the mix. 

Secondly, making sure to have people around that can "carry the ball" for you on your big day.  That might mean a caterer that offers full service or an amazing plan of action and super great friends that want to pitch in. But, one thing is for sure… You need to be able to know your work is done and there is room for you to relax and feel all the beautiful moments of this most extraordinary and memorable day! 

As you find these people you will begin to find comfort that you are in this crazy amazing creative process together... Full of smiles and laughter.

Happy planning!

Simple and delicious - Local cheese and honey

Local New England Cheese with Honey Comb 

Keeping it simple is often the best option when artisan products are in hand. We love the comforting flavor combination offered with grassy raw milk cheese and local wild flower honey. Garnished with fragrant thyme and musky sage.