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Local Cheese, Local Berries and Fresh Herbs.... Oh my!

At Heirloom Catering we are all about fresh, local and organic food. If you are getting married, having a reunion, retreat, or life celebration we have the custom menu and services to meet all of your tastes and needs.  We are here to help you plan the perfect menu and to take care of all the aspects you don't have time for.  Give us a call or send over an e-mail for prices and to brainstorm about what Heirloom can provide for your special meal.  

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Anonymous said...

I think my sister would love having food like this at her wedding. She only eats organic food, and while I thought that was a little crazy at first, I've grown to understand why. Organic food really can be delicious, and I think her guests will think so too. I'll recommend this blog to her and see what she thinks.

Susan Hirst said...

This food looks absolutely delicious. My daughter is getting married in six months and she needs to hire a catering service for her wedding. I'll have to share this with her the next time I see her.

Susan Hirst |

Sravan Vangari said...

Thanks Paul and Aimee Gosse

I am the Director of Prasidh Cuisines at a skilled Cooking center in india. I am writing to comment on one of the aspects of your excellent professional service which your have been doing on your article, hope we will follow your catering panel for our further events, Thank you for considering my request.
Sravan Kumar
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