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Event for a small group of our lovely clients :)

Local, Organic and made from scratch with Love! We most often roast and glaze the nuts on own own starting with high quality raw organic nuts, but if not, we opt. for the delicious organic nuts pictured above. Locally produced cheese, sausage, crackers, onions, and herbs are such a treat in February.  This meal was accompanied by Organic Spring Pea with Local Mint and Cream and Our Special Croutons (made from locally crafted bread). As well as Local Greens Salad and our Lemon Garlic Chicken. Thank you Steve for all that did to make this happen :) ... And to all the folks at the Greenfield Co-op (Kimmie you rock!) --->

Next blog update will include our finds from the Verrado Farmer's Market just outside of Phoenix, AZ.


Caterers in Indore said...

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Debbie Seidell said...

As one of the people at this little event, I just have to say, "Wow!" It was a wonderful meal and a great experience! We would listen to Steve talk about where to find all the different ingredients, what you can find in February verses May verses August, and what the local artisans are cooking up. And then we'd get to taste it! And all the details and forethought - honey butter and blueberry spread and all the little things made beautifully. Great food, course after course. Thanks, Brandi and Steve, for putting it together and making our experience lovely.

HeirloomCatering said...

:) Thanks Debbie for your wonderful feedback :)