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Creative Kid's Cooking Corner

BBQ Free Range Chicken 

Welcome back to the Creative Kid’s Corner… The Crab Cakes from last time were very much enjoyed by all!  Right down to the littlest guy.  My crab cake partner rightfully got the most!

BBQ Dinner …

Grilled Free Range Chicken and Vegetables with BBQ sauce and Our Homemade Rice Wine Mustard dressing served with “fire bread”.

We started by cooking the chicken on the stove then tossing with BBQ sauce.  The vegetables were cut and skewered with patience, then placed in the mustard dressing while we prepared the grill.   Next we spread bread with garlic butter.   The freshly sauced chicken and vegetables made their way onto the grill.  A couple of minutes on each side and we were ready to cook the bread… It was placed on the grill and as the butter began to melt the fire rose up to meet the crust which created a wonderful extra touch.     Time to enjoy our creation!

Creative Kid's Cooking Corner

It occurred to me that children are our best taste testers. So, why not have a creative food kid's cooking corner.  A place where we make, eat and discuss yummy kid friendly and adult pallet pleasing treats... While utilizing local, farm fresh, and seasonal ingredients.

Our first project...Crab Cakes

We start by finely cutting the bell peppers and onions, then chopping the local cilantro.
Next, is a job for one of the littlest guys... Opening the New England crab meat and cracking local free range chicken eggs.  We mix those together and the next three ingredients with the fun and funniness of vinyl cooking gloves... forming perfect little cakes of yummy delight. Next, the children and I dust the cakes with panko and lightly sear them in a pan on the stove.   Time for a juice and some relaxing while they finish in the oven. 

Now, we get to sit down and enjoy our lovely creation!

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