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Wedding at Hyland Orchard and Brewery in Sturbridge, MA

Thankful the rain held out for this open sided pavilion wedding...We set the tent for a 4 p.m. start. Guests arrived by car and shuttle... And quickly moved into enjoying yard games, appetizers, and local hand crafted beer. The meal was vegetarian and highly concentrated in farm to table ingredients.  

Local Heirloom Tomatoes, Artisan Cheese from Vermont and Massachusetts,  Plump Berries, Purple "green" Beans, Carrots and Cucumbers all from Connecticut River Valley farms, and local specialty products such as Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and Heirloom Apple Chutney (by Bug Hill Farm) graced the appetizer picnic table.  The wedding dinner was served buffet style and also focused on local farm fresh vegetables. Heirloom Tomato and Caramelized Corn Salad, Leek and Herb Rice, Pesto Pasta and Vegetables, Tofu with Peanut Sauce, and a simple Green Salad with Woodstar Bread.   

We served Pierce Brother's Coffee and Mapleline Cream to accompany the homemade desserts by the bride and cupcakes from Cafe Indigo.  The band played rocking music and the bar kept the beer flowing until 10.  We cleaned up quickly as the stars came out and the night's chill rode in. Wonderful people, food and drinks! 


Un-used CSA veggies...What to do?

Do you sometimes throw away some of your weekly CSA share? I know we have and it doesn't feel good... Well, there are some alternatives out there... Click the link for some starter tips on how to use your CSA veggies...  We are are currently crafting a book dedicated to solving this problem. Let us know if you would like to be placed on our pre-order e-mail list.

Have a wonderful and yummy day!

Farm to Fork

We are solid in our commitment to sourcing locally and sustainably produced ingredients. We are available for back yard parties, weddings, celebrations, corporate events, and more! If you are looking for high quality farm fresh food look no further. We are flexible about everything else! So if you need a drop-off, staffed event, or cooks-only we can accommodate your needs.  We have menus ranging from vegan and vegetarian to grass-fed beef and grilled local sausage.  We have sample menus on our website. Give us a call or drop us a line to discover options for your next event. Have a tasty day! :)

Drop-off Catering in Western MA

Summer is in full swing...Fresh corn, tomatoes and herbs, oh my!

We have a couple spots left in August and early September for weddings, birthdays, and other fun parties! Have you considered a drop-off service to save money? We can help you plan your event so it goes off without a hitch, while saving some cash.  Late summer is the best time in the valley for an ample variety of fresh local produce.

If you're getting hungry and have a party to plan, give us a call @ 413-230-9423 :)

Event for a small group of our lovely clients :)

Local, Organic and made from scratch with Love! We most often roast and glaze the nuts on own own starting with high quality raw organic nuts, but if not, we opt. for the delicious organic nuts pictured above. Locally produced cheese, sausage, crackers, onions, and herbs are such a treat in February.  This meal was accompanied by Organic Spring Pea with Local Mint and Cream and Our Special Croutons (made from locally crafted bread). As well as Local Greens Salad and our Lemon Garlic Chicken. Thank you Steve for all that did to make this happen :) ... And to all the folks at the Greenfield Co-op (Kimmie you rock!) --->

Next blog update will include our finds from the Verrado Farmer's Market just outside of Phoenix, AZ.