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What makes food Hot?

Recently I came across a list of the hottest food trends to look for in 2018Jackfruit, Charcoal, Charcuterie, Brisket, Cauliflower, Coconut, Coffee, Edamame, Mead, Pho, Tacos, Tamales, Tater Tots, Octopus, Kombucha, AmaroMost of these ingredients have been around the block and back again well before 2018.  So, why are they now back on the "hot list"? 

We are seeing a trend in food fusion and health coupled with a movement in simple bold flavored dishes. Simple often brings with it inexpensive ingredients, unfortunately that also typically supplies flat flavor. Definitely not the case with final products like Pho, Brisket, Amaro.

Whether it is meat-free, herbs, or light fare you chose for health, this list showcases the movement toward health conscious eating. Where living to eat well meets eating to live well. Jackfruit has become the prime choice for a plant based pork alternative, Amaro is full of medicinal herbals, and choosing broth based dishes like Pho can lighten up any meal while respecting the richness and flavor. Kombucha, edamame and coconut have also earned their way into the mainstream health community.

Sure simple isn’t always better… Or is it? Simple doesn’t mean quick, but it can. It does mean it should be EASY – easy to get, easy to prepare, and easy to eat. The preparation might take time honored techniques and traditions to attain perfection, but with a little time and love the result boarders on magic.

As our global community grows from concept to reality so does the combining of food cultures. This melding brings with it seemingly endless possibilities, a wealth of ancient knowledge - both of ingredients and of health. Once we share our food and our knowledge with each other we are free to create new culture and new flavor experiences. A positive snowball effect occurs; building from the last years’, last decades’, last centuries’ traditions.  

So, in conclusion the hottest food trends of today carry with them history, passion and healthful possibilities. But like a seed these ingredients only come to life when properly cared for: the right amount of water, light(heat), and love.

Wedding Season 2017

It has been a wonderful wedding season, with top notch couples. Our last wedding of the year is at Woolman Hill, in Western Massachusetts, this Saturday.  

The farm to table menu is classic Autumn in New England:

Cole Slaw, Kale Salad, Macaroni and Local Cheese with Broccoli and Red Peppers, Sweet Potato Corn Bread, locally raised Chickens and a Pig roasted in a ground pit served with Apple and Onion Compote and Creamy Country Mustard Sauce.  

All the produce was grown at Riverland Farm, in Sunderland Ma. where the bride is a farmer. 

The smells of the season waft around as we begin to prepare the roasted sweet potatoes for the corn bread, the bounty of apples pair nicely for an added sweetness to the delicious smell in the air.  Excited for the nice, dry and mild weather - perfect for the bonfire later in the evening after music and dancing.

2 Steps to insure an enjoyable trip to your wedding day

It takes a lot of precious energy planning one’s wedding. Of course it does, it’s once in a life time...And it should be enjoyed.  We understand that there is a certain magical balance that allows the wedding planning process to fully be breathed in. What 2 steps need to be taken to insure an easy flow into the wedding day?

First, finding the right people to work with. The kind of vendors that share your vision and values. It always makes the process calmer and more complete when there is open and honest communication, something that is easily achieved when there is like-mindedness in the mix. 

Secondly, making sure to have people around that can "carry the ball" for you on your big day.  That might mean a caterer that offers full service or an amazing plan of action and super great friends that want to pitch in. But, one thing is for sure… You need to be able to know your work is done and there is room for you to relax and feel all the beautiful moments of this most extraordinary and memorable day! 

As you find these people you will begin to find comfort that you are in this crazy amazing creative process together... Full of smiles and laughter.

Happy planning!

Simple and delicious - Local cheese and honey

Local New England Cheese with Honey Comb 

Keeping it simple is often the best option when artisan products are in hand. We love the comforting flavor combination offered with grassy raw milk cheese and local wild flower honey. Garnished with fragrant thyme and musky sage.

New Vegan Dishes for 2015

As we are preparing for our new season to begin we look to the world of vegetables to find inspiration for new flavors and dishes. This week we are thinking about anything and everything vegan. We take pride in being able to create delicious savory vegan treats that even the biggest meat lovers will enjoy.  These are two of our new favorites – Cauliflower & Spice with Roasted Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, and our tender Zucchini and Quinoa Medley.   We created these while sharing a lovely plant-based meal with our friends; we talked about sustainability and the joy of breaking bread with family and friends.   Give us a call or send an e-mail to find out about our other tasty creations old and new. :-)